Company Profile

     Lifelong residents of  the Washington, D.C. area,  Thomas C. Spires, Jr.  and W. Douglas Fields formed a partnership that began in 1978. In the beginning, Tom was involved with sales, promotion and office work, while Doug provided hands-on supervision of all job site related work.  This combination proved successful and in 1982, Certified Roofing Systems and Contracting Corp. was incorporated as a full service roofing contractor in the State of Maryland.  While the principal work in our early history evolved from small repairs, today CRS installs and repairs all currently marketed roofing membranes. We service and install replacement roofing systems on some of the highest high rise buildings in the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore Metropolitan areas.

     The CRS recognized early on that communication was crucial to providing good service.  In the beginning, the CRS Team relied on two way radios to keep the office staff, employees, and customers connected and informed.  This communication strategy ensured a timely response for all routine and emergency service calls and became part of our culture and success.  Though our two way radios have been replaced by cellular and web-based technologies, our commitment to good communication and timeliness have remained the same: Our motto is, “On time, every time or the service call is on us, period!”

     In addition to communication devices, CRS has adopted key technologies to better serve our customers.  Today, our entire record keeping system is automated and provides our Service Team members with important information relating to a specific roofing system, the condition of your roofing system, and the materials required to make a repair.  Having this automated, information tracking system in place allows our team members to arrive prepared, reducing costs associated with each job.

     Our CRS Service Team members also undergo an annual training program with Roofing Materials Manufacturers and our insurance company for safety training. This process ensures that our team members are safety conscious, and familiar with changing techniques and the latest products and services. We are proud of our team of roofing professionals because they take such pride in their work.  Like our motto, the CRS business philosophy has served us well and will always remain the same; “Take pride in your work, treat your employees fairly, and provide service second to none.”